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A Girl marries her PRINCE and a Man marries his DREAM!



With ROMANCE flowing all around and setting up the background for a feel-good kind of FAIRYTALE, an ordinary girl named Catherine finally married her prince charm (though the topping on the cake was that this time around, it was an actual prince… The Prince of Wales).

Or should we put it the other way? That a prince named William (or better we call him ‘His Royal Highness Prince William of Wales’) under all obligations and responsibilities of his Title, going against all odds of his beloved being not from some aristocratic lines, finally got successful in marrying his sweetheart…his DREAM of life.

Awww… what a romantic story to tell to every young girl in the coming times. After all don’t we all girls start weaving dreams about our princes and weddings right from our childhood? 😉 Loved watching this whole royal wedding event and just wanna say that may God bless the newly wed couple forever and may they always keep on smiling like this. Amen! 🙂

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