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Amethyst Obsession

December 1, 2019

So guys, my latest obsession is amethyst color. These days I am busy in hoarding everything which is purple in color. Purple nail polish. Purple specs case, purple handbag, eye shadow kits which are having all plumy kinda colors, mauve lip gloss, countless tops in purplish mauve kinda colors, Nike shoes in mauve color (with light purple logo on the sides… totally <3 them..) and last but not the least… my new Freshlook color blends contacts in amethyst color.

I was getting crazy about the idea of getting new purple eyes to show off. But, aahhhhh poor me… you know what happened with me? I spent exact double amount to get those lenses (as this color is very rarely used, so people generally don’t buy it). And that is why I have to order it on a shop which asked me to pay `1500 for them. Although somebody told me that she can get me any colored contacts in just 750 bucks. Now, you know this is the worst thing to do by all these companies who produce such kinda lenses, they never mention the actual price on their websites. So I thought that may be it’s just a bluff on her part and that surely its actual cost would be around 1500 only. But, then that friend of mine has got herself new contacts in green color in just half the amount.

On retrospection, I agree that there was another major reason too for placing that order in that particular shop. The truth is that, the guy on that shop was really cute, so I kinda got blinded by his charm and ended up placing my order there. Hmmmm, sad to know, but yep… these kinda things happen with gals too. (Awww… but just the thought of that guy is actually giving me some relief… so may be it was not indeed a very bad bargain, as he actually came to my place to hand-deliver those lenses). 🙂

So, now let’s get back to my contacts. After this entire sad tale, the worst part is still left to come. And that is amethyst is not at all noticeable on my eyes. I have darkest brown eyes (which almost look black). And purple has kinda merged with my natural eye-color. I have added my pic ‘with’ and ‘without’ my contacts. So far, everybody is telling me that they can either see brown color or grey color and there is absolutely nooo sign of any purple color, no matter how hard they try to check in for that. Eeeeeee… I am mad as well as sad like hell now. OMG, I could have actually got those kinda colors in just half the amount I have spent on these amethyst ones. So I guess this is the end of my sad poor tale about amethyst obsession. 🙁

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