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Are we Authentic or just Impressionistic?



Lately I have been blessed to interact with some of the highly intellectual and creative people who are contributing their share for the upliftment of art and culture, language and literature. Talking to them and listening to their views left me with some questions in my mind.

I discovered that the concept of CULTURE is just like a two sided coin, having Impression at one side, and Authenticity at the other. Daily I see a lot of people around me (be it a common man or woman or a celebrity), who are trying so hard for maintaining and portraying some kind of “impression” and just resist from being “authentic” even when they are sitting in the closed comfort of their luxurious rooms.

Even you would be coming across such individuals who write, deliver sermons and speeches, publish books, blogging and last but not the least indulge in scraping, tweeting and updating (on various social networking sites) to convey a message, a point of view or just to leave an impression on the masses.


As far as I can put my little mind and knowledge to this, we as human beings are always engulfed in some kind of competition either with someone else or with our own poor little selves, and always keep on trying to prove ourselves THE BEST! We somehow crave for that “WOW” feeling syndrome i.e. watch out world!!!!

We don’t even realize that when did our childhood innocence, curiosity and stupid little why’s, how’s and what’s gets converted into I know very well ideology. I guess one of the biggest culprits of this is ‘Academic Knowledge’, which is playing havoc with children’s true personalities and making them a part of the mad-bad world. Today we don’t learn in our educational institutes to be a good human being. No teacher teaches a student now to be a PURE and TRUE human being.

And in midst of all this cant-sham world, those few original spirits who are still managing to stay close to their authentic selves; are finding it hard to sustain its natural spark. The world around us is turning ARTIFICIAL pretty fast and now we get tired without doing any actual physical work (as we always keep on working mentally to portray and maintain these fake impressions).

So at the end of this monologue, I just want to say this was not to leave an impression but just an urge to the readers to peep-into their real authentic selves and give it a chance to break-free and breathe in the freedom of expression and not impression.

GUEST POST by Aman Gill 🙂

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