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Finger-Licking Ideas

December 1, 2019

So Girls, today I am gonna share my latest obsession with you guys… NAIL-ART. From past few months, I am getting crazy about nail-art ideas and designs. And during this phase, I have bought as many new nail polishes and other nail-products that it has put my previous nail-products’ collection to a BIG shame.
Now, I have got nail polishes from all color families. And I love them a lot. There was a time in my life when I was never fond of growing my nails any longer. But, now I grow them and file them and decorate them so religiously that sometimes I even spend hours after hours upon their grooming.
So, now without much ado, let me share my few nail-art designs with you. I will start from the simplest one, so that you can also get an inspiration to hi5 me on this addictive hobby. 🙂

Design 1

This is the simplest design and does not take more than 2-3 minutes. All you have to do is, get one dark colored nail-polish, nail polishes for base-coat and top-coat; and two stones/rhinestones/stickers/bindis etc. Start by doing regular nail painting with base coat and dark nail polish. When it gets dry, take transparent nail polish and put a tiny drop on ring fingers of both hands’ nails. Put stone on the top of that with the help of tweezers. Seal it with top-coat.

Design 2

This design is also very easy and can be recreated easily on right hand too. Start by having 2 contrasting colors’ nail polishes (one dark, and one light); one base coat paint, one top-coat paint (you can use some transparent nail polish for both purposes); and one tooth-pick. Now, just follow these steps:
– Apply base coat.
– Apply light colored nail polish on whole nail.
– When it gets dried, put small four drops of dark colored nail polish on the corner of the nails.
– Get toothpick, and drag one end of all drops to the middle to give it a look of a flower. (It can look messy while doing it, but believe me end result would be clean and beautiful).
– Now, apply top-coat to seal the design and you are ready to flaunt it.

Design 3

For this, you need to start with regular nail-painting and then, with the help of an eyeliner brush or nail-art pen, just draw two diagonal lines of contrasting color on all nails. Set with top-coat and it’s done.

Design 4

Now, this design looks tough, but it’s not. You just need to have a steady hand to recreate it on right hand.
– Start by applying base-coat.
– Apply orange nail polish on all nails except on the ring fingers (you can use colors of your choice).
– Apply purple nail polish on the nails of ring fingers. (Yes, it’s purple! I know it’s looking kinda blue in
– Do French manicure on all nails with purple nail-paint.
– Take white nail-art pen on white nail polish and a thin brush. Make small un-even sized dots on all purple areas.
– Seal with top-coat.

Design 5

This is one of my favorites, because it looks tough and traditional. I am gonna use the same colors’ names to describe here which I have used in the pic, you can replace them with your own favorite colors of course! 😉 Follow these steps:
– Apply pink nail paint on all nails.
– On index finger and ring finger, use orange nail paint to do french manicure diagonally, covering half of the nail.
– On thumb, middle finger and pinky finger, use blue nail paint to do diagonal french manicure.
– Put small white dots diagonally on all nails where two colors meet in the center. Use nail-art pen, thin brush or tooth pick to place dots.
– Apply top coat to set it off and give it extra-finish.

Design 6

 This is also another super-easy design. Just start with regular nail-painting with deep scarlet color. Then I have used 3-D nail art stickers in golden color on all nails. Now, here is a bit of difference in regular nail art stickers and 3-D ones. Regular ones are not shapely contoured, and that is why when you apply them there would be some sticker on the outer corners which would not paste properly. And that will result in immediate identification of the use of sticker and not some actual nail-art-drawing. Whereas, 3-D stickers are shapely contoured, there are not harsh edges and it does not get tangled in clothes. It also gives more professional look, as if you have got it done from some high-end nail-salon. Just make sure to apply double coats of top nail paint to secure it more firmly.

Hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I do while writing it. So, girls what are you waiting for? Get your makeup kits out and go crazy with these small little pleasures and flaunt them in front of everyone. 🙂 And yes, don’t forget to share your ideas and experiences with me. Comment me below, in case of any query or discussion. Have fun! 🙂

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