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Five reasons- Why SUICIDE is not so cool?

December 1, 2019

Have you ever thought of committing suicide? Does the idea of getting free from all this hustle-bustle of poor earth attract you? Or do you feel that suicide is the most happening thing to try these days? If you answer yes to any of these, then please wait and read further. There are a number of reasons why suicide is not so cool, let’s study them together.

  1. No matter how hard you try, there is not even a single dignified way to commit suicide. You will just end up making fool of yourself.
  2. If you are planning to hang yourself by a rope, let me show you the picture you will present in front of the whole world, after your little stunt. You will look like an idiot with your neck stretched and eyes popping out. And if rope gets broken, you will have a lot of broken bones in your body and a lot of months in the bed. Above all you will be under the mercy of others even when you need to go to washroom. And that my dear friends, is definitely not cool.
  3. If you are planning to shoot yourself, don’t forget that you are going to ruin your clothes. Apart from that your blood will create a lot of mess and then may be nobody will ever sleep in that room again.
  4. A lot of people try to commit suicide by overdosing. It sounds really easy, but let me tell you some hard facts. Pills will make your body have a seizure and you will end up as looking an utter idiot. As, your face would be frozen and you will have a silly expression pasted on the sweet face of your dead body.
  5. May be you are thinking about jumping from some very high building. But, see there is also a possibility of your plan getting backfired. Then you will be left with permanent limb damages. But, don’t worry, almost everybody who try this, ends up actually getting dead. But, what about other passers by down there? You can actually be killing someone unintentionally. And then, believe me man, getting an enemy right at the start of your new life in heaven or hell (depends upon your personal case), is not so cool.

So friends, what you feel now? I know none of you have any good reason to actually go for this, apart from a few things like I am fat, I have wrong color hair, I am not tall, I am bored from my life, I don’t know what to do with my life etc. Just go ahead guys. Live your life for some more days and come up with some more impressive reasons, and then may be I will share some actual good ideas with you.

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