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Get Angelic (Nail Art Design 14)



Hi friends, how you all doing? So it’s official now that I am getting through a new obsessive phase these days… and now this time, the object for my fascination is evrything natural, heavenly, or celestial. I guess that tragedy with Japan made me realize the power of God and suddenly I feel getting more close to God and all things angelic. So, obviously what can you expect from me in such scenario is definitely a NEW NAIL ART. 🙂 Below are the things, which you would require to recreate this design.

So, now without much ado let’s begin onto this Nature inspired design, which is having everything from clouds to colors to rainbows to a pure heavenly and simple look. First of all, start by applying base coat on all nails.

Then, with the help of white nail paint, draw uneven sized dots on the tip of each nail. Believe me you can’t get anything easier than this in any nail-design. Well what we are trying to achieve is, a French tip in white color which is in the shape of a cluster of small clouds.

Then, take some thin painting brush and draw a semi-circular line in red color, starting from the clouds.

Now, repeat the above said process with yellow color. We are trying to have a look of rainbow.

Then, use blue color this time to draw the last line on each nail. (We are not going to use all seven colors of rainbow, as that will clutter the whole look.) The tip is to just have an abstract idea of rainbow and not to go for a perfect picturesque kinda real and vivid rainbow.

Let it get dry completely and seal it with top-coat using the clear nail-paint.

So, now this is the finished design. Hope you liked it. It’s really simple and fun to do. If anyone gives it a try, don’t forget to leave me a comment below and do tell me how it turned out for you. In case you like it, do like the Facebook like button. Have fun and stay tuned for more fun nail-art ideas. 😀

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