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Gone with the wind- Astrological view

August 18, 2021

This has been one of the all time favorite books of mine. I soooo love the character of Scarlett O’ Hara. This has been classically acknowledged as one of the most amazing portrayal of a woman’s mind. Those of you, who have read this book, can understand what ever I am trying to say. The book is an ultimate work of perfection.

The way Scarlett is hopelessly in love with Ashley and her girlish dreams of marrying him and having everything nice in her life from clothes to ballrooms, is really amazing. Then character of Rhett Butler is without any doubt every girl’s dream man

And if any of you wonder that what were the sun-signs of Scarlett and Rhett then let me divulge this secret in front of you. Rhett was a Leo, and Scarlett was Aries. Actually I read it somewhere that Gone with the wind novel is based on 12 signs of astrological wheel.

Margaret Mitchell kept the name of Ashley Wilkes’ plantation as Twelve Oaks after the 12 zodiac signs. She wrote the story using the Civil War as a backdrop, and displayed these strong, memorable characters in a potent zodiacal parade that is led, appropriately enough, by the feisty, fiercely independent heroine, Scarlett O’Hara; whose determination and energy personifies the sign of Aries.

Actually I used to believe that Scarlett was a Scorpion, because Mitchell herself was a Scorpion. And apart from that, Vivien Leigh, who played the part of Scarlett in GWTW movie was also a Scorpion. If you read the book, you will notice that there are certain peculiar habits in Scarlett’s character, which will lead you to believe that she was a Scorpion (like- fierce energy, revengeful attitude, planner and manipulative, deep attachment to her family etc.).

But, then on second thoughts, I feel that since she was very impulsive, she can’t be Scorpion. Now, Aries and Scorpio are both ruled by Mars. So, it is quite obvious that these two would share some common characteristics. And, you may know that Aries are known for their impulsivity.

Then there is Scarlett’s land-loving, farm owning, stubborn father; a rather obvious Taurean, who in perfect synastry (as far as star signs are concerned), is married to social do-gooder, Ellen (a very helpful and efficient Virgo). So, you can see that how Taurean’s obvious love for land was quite apparent in Gerald’s character; whereas Ellen being a Virgo; was very practical and down to earth.

Cancerian Melanie, small of bust and who dies following a miscarriage, is the wife of Scarlett’s true love, Ashley Wilkes. She is having all the traits of a typical crab girl like loving and caring nature etc. Ashley, whose love of classics and preoccupation with promotion and honor could only be the stereotype of Capricorn. But, again I am having doubts about this. As he was not at all practical and always lived in his dream land, I believe that he was a Pisces.

And the star of the show (as he would like to think) is a very dapper Rhett Butler who manages, as a Leo, to get everyone’s attention wherever he goes. I can just think one word for him- Royalty personified to the best. He had all the traits of an astrological lion like- living life like a king, domineering attitude, dressing up always in the most fashionable of clothes, chauvinistic, charming and possessor of a heart of gold. (And, how can we forget that he stole the whole limelight wherever he went).

Rounding out the zodiac is Mammy, big, powerful and controlling. And yes, black too; representing the sign of Scorpio. Poor Sue Ellen, who waited patiently to be married to Mr. Kennedy, is the Libran who lost her man to her own sister. She also had the Libran love for all things nice, beautiful and luxurious. Frank Kennedy, Scarlett’s second husband, whose connections to dubious political organizations refers to Aquarian interests.

Dr. Meade, a selfless doctor; Scarlett’s youngest sister, Carreen; as well as Scarlett’s first husband, Charles are self-sacrificing Pisceans. Belle Wattling was another Libran, beautiful and flirty. Will, husband of Suellen; was a true Capricorn who kept on working hard for his goal.

There were a few reckless, horse-loving folks too but the most prominent was the progeny of Rhett and Scarlett, Bonnie Blue; who was thrown from a horse and died whilst attempting the stunt of jumping a fence on her steed. A true Sagittarian to the end, little Bonnie Blue, with her parents, completed the element of fire.

Tarleton twins and Prissy were “twittering Geminis”. Prissy, a slave who bragged she knew everything about birthing babies and then confessed she don’t know anything, when Melanie went into a difficult labor. And thus left the young Scarlett to deliver the baby; displayed the duplicity of the heavenly twins. However, Aunt Pitty Pat whose watery eyes, little feet and fondness for drink–for medicinal purposes, of course–could only belong to an archetypal Pisces.

Below, is the list of all characters and their sun-signs:

Aries – Scarlett O’Hara.

Taurus – Gerald O’ Hara (Scarlett’s Father).

Gemini: Prissy and Tarleton twins.

Cancer: Melanie (Ashley’s Wife).

Leo: Rhett Butler.

Virgo: Ellen (Scarlett’s Mother).

Libra: Belle Wattling (the Madam and friend of Rhett Butler); Suellen (Scarlett’s younger sister).

Scorpio: Mammy.

Sagittarius: Bonnie Blue (daughter of Rhett and Scarlett).

Capricorn: Ashley Wilkes; Will (husband of Suellen).

Aquarius: Frank Kennedy (Scarlett’s second husband).

Pisces: Carreen (Scarlett’s youngest sister); Charles (Scarlett’s first husband); Dr. Meade; Aunt Pitty Pat.

Now, those of you who reallyyyyyyyy love this movie/book; click on the link to watch out this video. Believe me this is truly awesome. It has captured the whole essence of this wonderful CLASSIC in just 4 minutes!

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This article was inspired from one of the articles written by Alex Trenoweth, published in Astrological Association Journal, September 2005. You can read the original work here. Go check the site, she writes wonderfully about astrological stuff. Some of the astrological interpretations can be different from the present article, as she writes from an astrological view point, whereas mine was purely from a reader’s view point.

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