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How to be ROMANTIC (easy way)!!!



Many a times our financial situation looks bleak, we may believe that we are not having enough money to treat our partners in the ways we’d like. A lot of people think romance means buying big bouquets of expensive flowers, whisking your loved one to a flashy restaurant, or whipping out a bottle of champagne every night.

I agree that all those things look great in the chick-flicks, but the fact is that such extravagances aren’t every day reality. A normal person is exhausted by the time his work ends each day or his commute concludes, and his daily responsibilities handled etc. Amidst all this hustle and bustle who has got the energy to plan for romance? And most importantly, we are all not off-springs of big industrialists and celebrities who have tons of spare money to constantly finance such romantic ventures.
Like all other pure and serene things in life, even Love and Romance is also such wonderful areas that beg for simplicity. Contrary to popular belief, there indeed are dozens of easy and free ways to be romantic!

Whatever I am going to share is having its beauty in the fact that you don’t even have to wait for any special occasion like Valentine’s Day to try them out for your loved ones. You can start right away, after all a little unexpected gesture from your side would mean a lot to your spouse.
I am gonna share seven ideas, may be one for each day! 😉

Hold Hands

Sounds lame??? But, when was the last time you hold hands with your partner? I know mostly, we associate it with lovey-dovey young couples, but wait… don’t dismiss it that easily. Taking your partner’s hand on a walk is a lovely way to feel close and connected. Even studies show that while talking, if you hold hands with your partner; it makes the conversation more intimate. It’s a tiny, effortless thing that instantly makes any moment a caring and romantic one.

Make Special Dinner

Now, you don’t need to go to some expensive restaurant every time you feel like reigniting that spark in your relation. Even if you are having a quiet night in rather than going out, don’t just sit on the sofa and have your dinner in front of T.V., set the table, light candles, and put some gentle music on in the background. Your nice crockery and cutlery is not just for the special guests. Take them out and take a couple of extra minutes to display the food on them attractively. This will really set the mood for a special meal – even if what you’re eating is no different from normal.

Write him/her a cute note

Leaving notes for your loved ones, where they least expect it will also surprise them and make them happy. Try to leave “I Love You” notes on the nightstand, shirt pocket, wallet, lunch box, jewelry case etc. The trick is to just put them at such places where they would pop up surprisingly. Try to be creative and playful- how about changing your partner’s background on the computer to a message saying “I love you”? Or putting a note inside the book s/he’s reading?

Bake Cookies/ make romantic shaped food items

You all know that the way to the heart of a man is through his stomach. Well, change that and edit it with the same way to even a woman’s heart. So, making your partner’s favorite treats is another way to do something sweet. Don’t take it as a boring thing; when you spend all that time and care, it certainly makes it romantic. How about heart-shaped cookies using their favorite flavorings, or cupcakes with pink or red frosting?

Make a Love list

Wanna give them some special gift? Just jot down twenty things that you love about your partner. Don’t be boring and avoid clichés. Try to be creative, original and true. Make them personal, like- “I love your eyes” isn’t as special as “I love you for bringing me breakfast in bed every Saturday”. After you are done with the final list, go and get it framed, or just make a tiny card book with one item on each page. This would surely be a lovely surprise gift.

Snuggle Up

In past many a times you must have planned to watch some romantic movie together; but then ended up sitting in different chairs or even worse, may be on the other side of the room. Don’t fret; all couples do that at one or the other point of times in their relations. So, best thing is to put conscious effort now to snuggle up with your partner from next time onwards. Give your partner a cuddle when you’re both standing in the kitchen. Kiss him/her goodbye in the morning and try be expressive and as affectionate as possible.

Say “I Love you” often

And now is the turn of the best tip. This is the simplest, easiest way to be romantic – and yet so many of us don’t acknowledge its effectiveness. Say “I love you” to your partner frequently. I am not asking you to say it first thing in the morning or the last thing you say at night. But, just once or twice a day would also do the trick. Try the words on your lips when you leave for work, and when you come through the front door in the evening, or better yet, just say it when ever you feel like saying it unexpectedly.

So Guys, I hope you liked them and found them useful enough to be start following in your lives. Have blessed and love-filled lives ahead! 🙂

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