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10 Major Ideas and Strategies That Will Help You Gain A Good Night Sleep At Ease

10 Major Ideas and Strategies That Will Help You Gain A Good Night Sleep At Ease

March 2, 2020

How to get Good Sleep at Night?  Top 10 Ideas & Strategies

How many hours of sleep do you get in the night?I hope your answer is between 8 to 8 hours per night.Sleep is not any luxury, but a kind of necessity in order to keep your body healthy, energy bouncing, and beauty and your beauty glowing. Unfortunately people have been underestimating the importance of sleep. And if this is something that describes you then the only thing would suggest you is please schedule more time for sleep. And if you wish to be healthy, full energetic, maintaining a stable weight, emitting a radiant glow and staying positive then sleep really have to be a non – negotiable commitment. Given below are the ten healthy tips helping you gain a good night sleep at ease and without any difficulty.

Pillow Adjustments:


Have a talk with your doctor about the sleeping position and pillow strategy, depending on whatever your condition is. Say for example sleeping on your stomach can easily worsen the back pain, but sleeping on your back with a pillow on your knees can easily improve your comfort level. Contoured pillows and a fully length body can help too.

Avoid Sugar and Spices:


It’svery important that you do pay attention on your diet, especially in the evening. Do stay away from spicy foods in the night, says Berman. They can cause you indigestion keeping you awake the entire night. Sugar foods also continues to give you a dose of unwanted energy. There is a strong link between the healthy digestion and sleep so choose foods that are well packed with vitamins, minerals like magnesium, potassium, calcium, supporting the body function promoting optimal sleep and health.

Listening to Some relaxation Music:

music sleep

Put on some music that you find it to be relaxing, as this can rainforest, oceans, Celtic, classic sounds or anything that will turn out to be relaxing.Lay, breathe and let the sounds soothe your soul.

Knowing Your Limits:

limits sleep

Don’t land up make up making plans or expect too much from yourself when memory and concentration are impaired.Now is the time to take the course says smith. Most important sleep loss with driving can turn out to kill – research shows that sleep derived drivers are just impaired as the drunks. Have a public transit or get a lift from awell-rested friend.

Leave your work at office:


Answering emails or thinking of everything that you need to do the next day will just lead you with enough stress, after all stress and sleep don’t get along.Stress can interfere with the ability of falling asleep and the sleep deprivation only leads to the feeling of stress – American Psychological Association. Avoid working closer to the bed and if your mind is racing do consider creating a quick to do list getting all your thoughts.

Setting an alarm for bed time:

time sleep

We all set up an alarm for waking up, so why not have one been set up in order to go and fall asleep. One strategy is to set up an alarm clock for bedtime, ideally an hour before going ahead to sleep. Note that the bed time should be an hour that accommodates adequate sleeping time, so don’t have your bed time at 11:30 pm, if you are awaking up at

Focusing on your breathing:

breathing sleep

Still finding it difficult enough to zone out of the pain. Then try focussing on nothing more than your breathing, taking big deep breaths, counting in for four, and out of four. Doing this will centre and calm you down, making the pain more bearable in process hopefully.

Do not exercise too much close to bed:

exercises sleep

Exercise release hormones which are in turn called as cortisol keeping them awake. Make sure that you have atleast a three hours of gap from the time you actually exercise to light out.

Limit Your Nap to 20 Minutes:


Napping is okay, not as long as it does not last long. If your body is carving a nap then try and have a nap before 2pm, setting an alarm so that you do not sleep for more than 20 minutes.If you sleep longer than what your body does then it enters into a deeper sleep phase, and it almost affects your ability to fall asleep at an intended time at night.

To Conclude:

Finally if sleep deprivation is something that has put you in a zombie kind of a state, then desperate measures might really be necessary. And if you are working outside home then make sure you take half a sick to sleep in the day. Do not feel guilty as you will be more effective and productive enough at work when you are rested. So what other ideas and strategies would help you gain a good night sleep at ease. Do leave your thoughts in the comments section below.

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