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Lust List for Valentine Month!

December 1, 2019

So friends, February is just about to get start and with it our very own valentine month would begin. In this special month of Love and Romance, I am back with my new Lust list. 🙂 These are the few things which I sooo heart and wanna have as my valentine gift. (Hope, someone would actually read it and not scroll down at a fast pace to see all pics. Well he usually do this ;)).


I have been lusting for this from so long. Two reasons for not buying it myself, which are: 1) I already have skin care products with me. Last month I bought a huge amount of Blossom and Kochhar aroma products for my skin care routine, as I thought that since I have already crossed 25 happy years of my life; I should start taking care for my body and skin now. So, still I am left with almost half amount in those products. And 2) reason is that I don’t know how much it costs. I am feeling that since it is having real gold particles in it, most probably it would be well above my pocket limit. 🙁 So, no wonder I am still lusting for it.


As you all know that how much I wanna live a princess kinda life, I am going crazy after these cushions. Few days back I saw these in some shop, and I was almost about to buy them; but my sister didn’t let me do that. She said that already I am having a lot of cushions on my bed, I would just be cluttering even more. But, my heart… it’s still dreaming about them. 🙂


I love all kinda books. Apart from reading fiction, I am a big Linda Goodman fan. I am trying to have this book from sooo long. It has been almost 2 years now that I have been searching for this book. But, so far I have never been able to locate it in any Indian book store (not even online 🙁 ). Though it is available on, but then it’s at such a high price with inflated shipping rates, that I have been just left with a wish to have it as a present. 😉

Hmmm… right now these things are the only ones which can be written about here in my lust-list. Otherwise, list is much much longer, but most of them I would be buying in few more days; as I am going to take hostel accommodation for one or two months in my university to finish off my thesis work. So, most probably I would shop there like a real CRAZY and buy the remaining stuff myself. 🙂 So girls, what have you been wishing to get from your valentines?

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