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Lust List

December 1, 2019

These are the few things for which I have been lusting from soooo long… 🙁

  • Birkin handbag: I soooo wanna own either one of them. By the way my favorites are ostrich ones. And I really <3 white birkins. I am so much obsessed with them that sometimes I even dream about them.


  • Few Jewels: Well, my definition of jewels means a nice big tiara… ;). After all every girl wanna be a princess some day. And I am in total love with that ring on the upper left corner. And if you think that it’s just any normal ring, then let me tell you the reason why I like it so much. It has got rubies which denote “passion”, diamonds for “eternity”, gold for “purity”, hearts for “love” and don’t forget the engraving, which says “love always”. WOW… A PERFECT ENGANGEMENT RING. <3


  • A cute little cub: Yep, I know it sounds weird and it’s almost on the border of insanity now. But, OMG how I lust after having a cute little cub in my home, with whom I can play for hours at length. Ok, let’s get the secret out… I AM A LEO… so I guess no more explanations are needed now. 😉

  • Shoe-mania: There is always some room for another 10-15 pairs of new stilettos, pumps, peep toes, gladiators, wedges, sandals etc. in any girl’s wardrobe, right? I must admit that I am the perfect example of a hoarder as long as we talk about shopping for new foot wears. And that just brought an idea to my mind about sharing my already over-flowing shoe-collection with you guys here.


  • Loads and loads of makeup: Although I don’t use a lot (obviously in lack of any knowledge about proper techniques), but I absolutely adore any kinda makeup. And daily, by default I spend countless hours on Internet watching these kinda videos where they teach how to apply makeup and stuff. 🙂

  • Hello kitty accessories for my cell phone: I love hello kitty and wanna have everything they make. But unfortunately I don’t possess even a single item by them. And now as I have Samsung star cell with me, and I so wish it to change itself magically into hello kitty’s version, obviously when I would be in my dream world, so as not to lose the charm of any magic. 😉 Jini are you listening??

  • Millions of… errrr… trillions of Mills and Boon: Now this is one thing for which I can leave my two most loving things (eating and sleeping). Charm of reading a fresh mills and boon (and in some cases some old ones too) is totally irresistible. And reading them is just like feeding to an insatiable hunger. In fact because of them only I started reading other novels too.


  • A small wonder-car: I know most of you would be laughing at me right now, as why Reva of all cars????? So let me put my defenses now… first of all it’s a small cute girly car. Secondly, I would modify it according to my taste (which is quite an unusual mixture of quirky and funny…lol..) and thirdly, I guess this is the only car after Nano, which I would be able to afford. (Don’t miss “would be”…. as right now, I can’t afford even that). 🙁 And lastly, I don’t wanna give lift to anyone, so there would be just me behind the wheels with my FAB birkin on the passenger seat. Alas, no wonder why selfish people like me have such kinda loooooong lust lists.

So guys, this is my lust list. Although there are a lot more other things too, but that would take atleast a week if I ever decide to list all of them here. 😉 Hope, you liked it, and was able to associate yourself with some out of them. Whatever be your opinion, please do comment below and share your dreams with me. 🙂

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Lust list