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My new Lime Green Kiara handbag


Hey Lovelies, I am super happy with my new purchase- my new lime green *drool worthy color* Kiara handbag. You must be aware about my bad experience with So, after innumerable phone calls and irritatingly repititive discussions, finally they got ready to give me my returns number. (You need to have “returns number” in case you want to exchange or return anything.)

Well, I told them specifically time and again that I don’t want to return the product, I just want it to get exchanged. But guess what.. they had to show their moron aspect once again. So, they took the product back and refund the money back to my myntra account. (Which means I had to use the money to buy something again, or else it is total waste.)

So, after much contemplation, I found this bag on their site here. I instantly fell in love with its oh-so-summery-and-fresh-yet-so-trendy-color. These days neon accessories are a big rage among fashion enthusiasts, but personally I was not sure that I can carry anything minty/pinky neon comfortably. But guess what.. this lime green handbag is perfect answer to neon craze. I mean it is not neon, so it’s not that much into-the-eyes. But at the same time color is definitely eye-catching. I am so happy with this bag. Just wished it to be tad bit more lengthy. But at my height of 5 feet and 3 inches, it is kinda perfect.

Though I am still disappointed by the way myntra has packed the stuff (again no bubble wrap). But this time piece is brand new and without any defect. BTW I had to spend some extra bucks to get this one, as the returned handbag was of 750/- and this one is of 950/-. But in my opinion at this price, it is the best handbag to acquire. Now coming back to specifications of this handbag, the things which I really like about this are its fantabulous color and then the design is oh-so-modern with all those front zips and that cute little belt on top. What a wonderful, trendy and smart bag it is. Right?

And then another positive thing about this bag is that, it has two internal zipped pockets of very decent size and two small compartments to hold mobile and other accessories. I am head over heels in love with this bag and just can’t wait enough to let the weekend come, so that I can go shopping, movie, party or usual “gehri routes” (read: wandering aimlessly on hotspots of the city to get eye tonic in form of watching cuties and hunks.. hahahhaha..), so that I can flaunt this new beauty to other fellow eves. 😀

So, what are your opinions on this bag? I know it is not every one’s cup-of-tea. But, is it yours kinda bag or not? 🙂


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