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My Relation with God

December 1, 2019

Thunder of clouds, splash of rain water on my face, lightening in the sky; all makes me feel so good. After all, I am a monsoon-born. So, I ought to love rain. Every year on my birthday, I ask God that if he truly loves me and cares for me, he ought to send rain as my birthday present and he never disappoints me. Yes, I know it is bound to get rain during monsoons. But anyhow, this thought just keeps me happy and I really cherish the moment when God provides me with my gift year after year.

When I was a kid, I read it somewhere that since nobody cares for any natural beauty anymore, all seasons prayed to God and asked him to let them be back in heaven as they were feeling totally useless in this modern age. But God answered them that even if there is only just one person on this whole earth who will be cherishing the beauty of this universe and who will admire the wonders of this Nature, he will keep sending all the seasons back on earth.

And on that day, I decided to be that person. I decided that I will enjoy all the moments of my life till the very last drop. I will be his favorite kid, who will keep getting amused by his charm. I am trying to do my bunch of duties on this earth and he is keeping his part of the deal. Whenever, I am feeling really down and out, he changes the whole weather just to uplift my mood. And I truly love him for all this. He keeps me away from all the bad things of life and I feel safe under his protective gaze.

Girls usually get scare from all that lightening and roaring of clouds, but I get happy and excited. I feel alive and it seems as if he is trying all this to cheer me up. I love everything he has given me; right from my family to pretty yellow Sun, white shimmering Moon and that colorful rainbow with treasure at its end. In short, I love this sky and everything which falls beneath it. I feel as if he gets happy whenever I look at these things in awe and then just to amuse me even more, he makes certain changes in them and he gets delight in my appreciation.

I love you God! I just want one more thing. Can you please show me how to fly? I want to fly like birds. They mesmerize me with their wings. I want to fly high in sky with my hair loose and air caressing them with every wave. I want to sit on your lap. So that you can pet me on my head, ruffle my hairs and then give me your cute and assuring smile with shining dimples. I will feel totally blessed on that day!

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