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My Skincare Routine



Hi Friends, today I am gonna share my favorite skin care products and my skin care routine with you guys. This was requested by one of the lovely readers of this blog. (Just wanted to make it clear before start writing anything, so that to make everyone sure that I am not some self-obsessed narcisstic person.) 😉

Ok, so first of all a confession: I am a big fan for all Blossom Kochhar’s Aroma magic range. So, this post would be heavily influenced by that aromatic magic. 🙂 And second thing is that I am not much of a person to wear makeup all the time. I am more into natural but glowy looks. That’s why to some of you, may be this would be OTT, but believe me I don’t wear anything at all except these ones. So, let’s have a look at all products. (They are not much, just scattered around to make them look more.) 😀

So let’s start from morning. In morning I use L’oreal Pearl white face wash for cleansing purposes. You can read its review here. Then, since I was having oily skin in my teenage and I didn’t take proper care at that time, I have got some pores on the apples of my cheeks. (Well, I personally believe that traveling did the more harm as I always sat on the window seat and never closed my window. I feel that may be all that air made my pores larger. 😀 Correct me if I am wrong. But I always feel that surely that was the main reason for this problem.)

Ok, now skip to happy ending…. Finally I realized my mistake and have started using Aroma magic’s toner on my face. Well in this pic, what you see is “fairy lotion” and not the actual toner. (But they both work the same way. So, I keep on using them alternatively. The last bottle I had, was of their actual toner.) And the last thing in my daily face routine is Aroma magic’s sun screen lotion. Actually I like Lakme’s sun screen much more than this one. I know many of you would cringe after reading this. Because almost everyone I know, hate that sunscreen. But, it is absolute wonder for my skin. I have used  Biotique’s, Garnier’s and Fair and Lovely’s sun screen lotions in the past, and none of them worked that well. I bought this Aroma Magic’s lotion after hearing so many raves about it. But, to my dismay I found it to be just an average product. But, none the less I am still using it (as I am not of the type to throw some product that fast in case I didn’t like it. For the record, let me tell you that I made a tinted moisturizer with my Biotique’s one. So may be I would find a use of it pretty soon). 🙂

Ok, then I use one of these tiny cute lip-balms. I have been a loyal user of Avon’s strawberry lip-balm from so long that it’s part of my PERSONAL life now. 😉 Apart from that, few months back I discovered this Biotique’s night lip balm (which was an instant HIT for me). I use biotique’s lip balm before going to bed. And for day usage, I either rely on Avon or these beautiful hand-made tinted lip-balms (you can check the tutorial here.) In case any one of you is wondering that what are the decorations of those other two balms “tickle my fancy” and “fire”; those cases are actually covers of memory cards of cell phones and I used some cut-outs from greeting cards to decorate them. *Smart Me!!!* 😉 Well “tickle my fancy” is coral shade and “fire” is a cool toned rosy-pink color.

Then let’s move on to hand care. I use Nivea’s crème in the morning (but, I am not very much regular.) At night time, I apply a mixture of Johnson’s baby oil and glycerin on my hands. They both are the most fantabuluous and economic skin care products on this whole earth. You can check my post here, where I am raving about them.

And now, my night care routine. It is the most simplest of all. 🙂 I just wash my face with same L’oreal cleanser and then apply Aroma Magic’s night repairing cream on my face. For my eye-circles, I use Aroma Magic’s under eye gel (review here). On feet, I use their “feet cream”. These three products are the most favorites of mine and I would just die if at any time they decide to stop making any one of these. On a serious note, this feet crème is having some therapeutic properties too. So, whenever I am going through any temporary phases of insomnia, it works like a total saver.

Now, some tasks are needed to be taken care of either once or twice a week. So, these are the other things which I use. Biocare body scrub (thrice a week) to exfoliate dead skin from body, Aroma Magic’ face scrub (thrice a week) for face. I sometimes use Lotus’ Apricot scrub too, as that is much more easy to use, where as in this one, I need to apply it for 10 minutes on my face before starting any scrubbing. And then since I am lazy, I have used the next two products very rarely. These are Everyouth’s facial peel off and Lotus’ face-masque. But, now I have decided to be more regular with Lotus one.

And now last but not the least (since I am covering almost everything), my body lotions and soap which I absolutely love. I use Johnson’s baby oil and Ponds’ body lotion for my body. (I prefer Ponds one much more, and I am using it from almost a decade now. But sometimes, just to break the monotony, I use this oil too.) And now my all time favorite soap- Pears (I love-love-love its mildness and that’s why Pears’ face wash was one my most used and admired face-cleansers for a very long time.) I am using this soap all around the year, just changing its color according to season; brown (winters), green (summers), sky-blue and pink (whenever I feel like throwing some color in between). 😀 They are just PERFECT for my skin and also because they satisfy my obsession for colors too. 😉

Ok Girls, so I guess that was all. Sorry for such a L-O-N-G post. But, I loved writing it. Hope you would have also enjoyed reading all this self-talk. 😀

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