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Nail Art (Design 13)


Hi sweeties, how’s everything going? You must have come to know about this by now that I am super-busy these days with my thesis work. So, for the whole day I am lost in either books, journals, research papers, studies or internet search engines; and I have long since lost all possibilities of having any normal life.

I don’t sleep properly and I don’t eat properly. So inevitably I have ended up with crappy skin, shitty appearance and on-the-verge-of-getting-obese-body (well, that last one was exaggeration, but I guess in few more days even this possibility won’t be that far from the truth either). 🙁

These days, my whole life is getting engrossed with black and white colors (I am talking about words in black fonts on white pages, in case you didn’t get that 😉 ). But, then few days back I got so much frustrated with this zombie routine of mine, that I decided to add up some color in my life. And here is the end result- this colorful, funky and kinda RETRO looking nail-art design.

So, here are the steps in case you want to recreate it. First off start by applying base coat.

Then, apply different colored nail-paints on all nails. I used yellow, pink, green, white and sky-blue colored nail-paints. You can obviously change the colors according to your preference. 🙂

Then, take out a black nail art pen, or you can also use black nail-paint with a very thin painting brush. Draw small checkered design on all nails, but don’t fill the whole nail, leave the half nail empty diagonally. (As, checkered design on whole nail will look kinda cluttered).

Finally, let it get dry and seal it off with top-coat and you are done. 🙂

So, friends did you like it? As far as I am concerned, I am loving it so much as it looks so trendy and also feeds my hunger for COLORS. 😀 What’s your take on this, tell me your opinions through comments and in case you like it, don’t forget to click on the facebook like button below.

Have a nice day! I can’t say that I would be more regular from now onwards, but I promise that after submitting my thesis, I will come up with something SPECIAL for all my loyal readers. Till then have fun and do keep coming back. 🙂

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