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Nail art (Design 7)

December 1, 2019

I did this easy nail art few days back on my hands. It looks better in person, I don’t know why it did not turn up that much beautiful in pics. (May be my camera quality is poor). 😀

Well, to create this design on your beautiful hands, all you need is, nail paints for base coat, top coat, and one dark colored nailpolish (I used brown), one 3-D outliner used in fabric painting (You can get it from any stationary shop and it is really cheap at INR 20/- only).  Just follow the following steps:

– Apply base coat.

– Apply two coats of brown nail polish on all nails.

– Draw flowers on all nails with the help of 3D outliner. It has got pointed nozzel, so you can work just like you write with a pen. To draw a flower put one dot in center and 5-6 lines around it. Place the flowers at random positions to break the monotony.

– Apply top-coat to finish it off with extra shine.

Here’s the pic of 3D outliner. It comes in various other colors too. I bought this one, as its base is transparent, so it can be used with almost any color. The best thing about these outliners are that they have got really fine shimmer particles in it, and that too in 3 different colors. Mine contains neon green, purple and pink shimmers.

As it is not a regular nail-product, trying to get it off from nails requires huge efforts with cotton pads and nail-remover. 🙁 But, in any case I liked it because it is different. And a lot of people have already asked me to show them my design closely. 🙂

ONE TIP FOR AMATEURS: try to simplify the design while creating it on non-dominant hand. I skipped the two-flower plan of middle finger on right hand’s nails (As, I am right handed).

Hope you liked it and would give it a try. The only thing is that you don’t need to go to market and buy new nail-art produts; every time you see a nail-art design. The tip is to start looking around your own vanity cases. Believe me there are thousands of such stuff which can be used for such creative ideas.

Hint: Cut-outs from magazines can also work. You can cut small cute alphabets in different colors and sizes and then paste it on white nail-polish; and seal it with top-coats. Don’t forget that beauty does not always come with money.  😉

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