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New Haul: Lotus Herbals WhiteGlow Range


Hi friends, today I am gonna share my new haul for skincare products. I am a big fan for Blossom Kochhar’s Aroma magic products and have been using a lot of their products since ages. But, when I saw this new range from Lotus herbals; I instantly fell in love with its cute packaging. So, few days back I went ahead and bought the whole range. Today, I am just gonna share the pics and prices of all these products in this post. I will review each product in separate posts (or else this post would be too lengthy to read through in a single go). So, to start with let me tell you that this range is having six products and is quite economical in comparison to some other insanely high priced skin-care products.


What the product has to say about it: WHITEGLOW range is a breakthrough from Lotus Herbals that lightens, whitens and brightens your skin. This is a luminous example of the perfect combination of nature and science. This range incorporates various rare and highly prized ingredients that work deep into the skin to give you naturally radiant, fairer looking skin. And because it is all natural, it has no side-effects. It works in three ways-

Lightens- reduces uneven pigmentation

Whitens- reduces dark spots

Brightens- enhances radiance


Products: Whiteglow 3 in 1 deep cleansing skin whitening facial foam, oatmeal and yogurt skin whitening scrub, yogurt skin whitening and brightening masque, skin whitening and brightening gel crème with SPF 25, skin whitening and brightening micro-emulsion with SPF 25; and intensive skin whitening and brightening serum.

WHITEGLOW 3 in 1 deep cleansing skin whitening facial foam– (Deep cleanses, whitens and blocks melanin production). This face cleanser is priced at INR 95/- for 50g.


WHITEGLOW oatmeal and yogurt skin whitening scrub– (exfoliates and brightens skin for a healthy glow). You get 100g of the product in Rs. 145/-

WHITEGLOW yogurt skin whitening and brightening masque– (brightens, revitalizes and firms up skin). This product is of Rs. 145/- and you get a quantity of 80g.


WHITEGLOW skin whitening and brightening gel crème- (with SPF 25 and PA+++, this is for all skin types). This gel based crème is priced at Rs. 260/- and net weight of the product is 60g.

WHITEGLOW skin whitening and brightening micro-emulsion- (with SPF 25 and PA+++, deep and fast penetrating formula). You get 40 ml of product in Rs. 225/-


WHITEGLOW intensive skin whitening and brightening serum- (brown spot removal formula visibly refines large pores). It is priced at INR 195/- for 15ml.


What I loved about this range:

  • A very nice and classy looking packaging.
  • Decently priced products.
  • Readily available in Indian market.
  • Each product can be bought separately too.
  • Since these are herbal products, so no side effects.
  • Ingredients are well mentioned on all products.

 What I didn’t like about it:

  • I hate the fragrance. Some of them literally smell like yogurt.
  • Some of the products have huge packaging, but you actually get a very less amount of the product (like in case of serum and gel-crème).
  • I still don’t have any clue that when do I need to use Micro-emulsion formula. As I am sure that whether we should use cleanser, serum, emulsion and crème, one right after the other. I mean all products state that we need to use them twice a day. So, that’s quite a lot of rubbing and massaging on the face on daily basis. Don’t you think so?? 😉
  • Pump of the Micro-emulsion is not working right. I need to press at least 10-15 times to get any product out of it. (But I guess this won’t be the problem with all other bottles, may be I just got the bad one). 🙁

 So overall I really like the packaging and price aspect. I loved its all WHITE packaging, which looks really neat and classy. You can get this whole kit at INR 1085/- which in my opinion is another bonus for getting these many products. I am just having one complaint with this range so far that why didn’t they explained the steps on the bottles (I mean which product needs to be applied first).

So far, I have been using cleanser first, then I apply serum and then micro-emulsion. After that I apply gel-crème. (I really don’t feel that this is the right way, I mean how can I keep on applying three products consecutively right after the other on my face??) And of course scrubber and face masque can’t be used more than twice a week.

To read the reviews of each product separately, do keep coming back here. I will be uploading them pretty soon. 🙂 And is there anyone else who is using any of these products? Share your opinions about them under comments section. Would love to read you take on them. 🙂

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