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Oh my my… the girl is truly GORGEOUS!!!


Isn’t she the most beautiful and amazing girl ever happened to Bollywood?? I am literally drooling over her FAB skin and the way she is wearing that Masaba Sari and especially the pose… ahhhh God, I just wish to be Kareena for one day… *sigh*

* kneeled down with folded hands* I promise God I will be a very good girl for the rest of my life, just make me look that much beautiful. 

P.S. And if any of you is thinking about suggesting me to take more care of my skin and splurge some more money on high-end skin care products or beauty masks, let me just tell you… Mastercard was right like hell in saying that ‘there are somethings money can’t buy, for everything else there is Mastercard’. She is simply priceless! *another bigggg sigh*

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