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Online Shopping at Flipkart

December 1, 2019

Hi Friends, today I am gonna share my first ever experience of Online Shopping. As we all know that in India, people are still not very much comfortable with the concept of online shopping because of various frauds etc. So, I was quite apprehensive initially. But, when I read so many good reviews about, I decided to give it a try.

Now, the best thing about shopping from flipkart is that you can pick the option of “payment on order”. Isn’t it really cool? I mean you won’t have to deal with credit/debit card hassle and at the same time there won’t be any tension of getting our order misplaced. Another awesome feature was free home delivery. 🙂

So, I checked their site and narrowed down my choice to one book. I wanted to buy a lot of books from their site, but since it was my first experience I thought to spend less, so as to check its functioning first. I decided to buy Linda Goodman’s relationship signs. Now, I know that this book retails from 250 to 350 rupees (depending upon from what kinda place you are buying it). Here on this site, it was available at INR 238. I ordered it on 23rd of January and in the confirmation mail I got the tentative date of delivery to be 31st January.

In the mean time I was totally tension-free, as I Knew that I have not paid anything for it. And I am just liable to pay it when it would be actually in front of my eyes. So, today on 1st February (after 7 days, on 8th day) I got it delivered right here on my doorstep. I was sooo happy to have it, I mean it just felt like opening a birthday present (lol.. as I never had to go outside to buy it). 🙂 (Sorry for over-enthusiasm, but guys then it was my first online shopping experience ;)).


This is the pic of package, how it was delivered to me. I am quite impressed with its sturdy packaging. I mean even I do send and receive couriers to my friends, but I have never been able to get such kinda compact and fool-proof packaging. So, on handling and delivering aspect, it scored 10/10.


In the package, I found my ordered book in another transparent packaging. There was also a bill receipt of the same order along with it. Book is new and in really good condition. Like all other books, it comes with a bookmark (from flipkart).


And on the backside, I was able to see its MRP as 330/-. Now, I was indeed very happy to see this, that if I would have bought it physically, I would definitely have paid full amount of 330/- for this. But, here I have got it in just 238 bucks. So far I am very happy with my shopping from flipkart, and I have already decided to buy some more books too. ( I am just trying to narrow down to 2-3 options, as otherwise mumma papa would scold me for getting addicted to this new craze now. And you all know that how easily I get obsessed with anything. :D)


 1) Payment on delivery option. (So, even if product gets misplaced, it’s not your headache).

2) Very nice packaging. (I was indeed very impressed with the double cardboard wrapping and separate wrapping of the book with transparent sheet).

3) Fast delivery. (Delivery period differs from book to book, some can be even delivered within 2-3 days).

4) Discounts on almost all books. (Here, prices are really cheap compared to market prices).

5) Hassle-free process. (As no issue of payment was involved, so I never worried about getting cheated).

So Guys, I am very much happy with it and soon I am gonna order some few more books from them. But, you know what… even they are not having Gooberz with them (It’s out of stock). 🙁 Now, my only problem with them is that why the hell they are not shipping all kinda makeup products too? Till now, they just deal with books and some gadgets. But, man it would have been really awesome if they would have been shipping makeup accessories too. 🙂

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