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Product Review: Asta Berry ‘Wine’ Face Wash

February 11, 2011


Hi girls, I bought this facewash last week and have been using it from last 5-6- days. Prior to this, I never heard about this brand and when I saw it on the counter, I was sooo eager to buy it because of the word “Wine” mentioned on it. 😉 So, here is the review of this facewash after my experience of this for almost one week.

Brand: Asta Berry Biosciences (It’s Delhi based cosmetic company, which deals with all herbal and ayurvedic products).

Name: Wine face Wash (Age Defying Hyderating cleanser)

Quantity: 100 ml.

Price: Rs. 65/-

Ingredients: Not mentioned apart from ‘Red Grape’ which is mentioned in the description (but a special note is given stating “This product does not contain any alcohol or liquor based product”).

Best Before: 36 months of packaging.

Description given on the back: This unique facial cleanser improves skin moisturization, firmness and elasticity. Red grape extracts help reduce fine surface lines and replenish depleted moisture. This facial kit provides you with everlasting glow and fairness. (The reason they called it facial kit is because they have also got a “Wine facial kit”, which I bought too and would be reviewing soon.)

Packaging: The product is having very simple packaging like all other face washes. The only nice thing about this is deep purplish/wine colored look; as we don’t see many face washes in that color.

Smell: Well, the product claims that it is free from alcohol, but fragrance is definitely wine based. But, it is not offensive at all, rather it gives a mystery kinda feel while smelling. 😉

What I like about this:

* Nice and some what unique colored packaging.

* It’s Ayurvedic, so most probably it would be without any harmful side effects.

* I have been using it from past few days and it cleanses skin nicely and does not dry out.

* Didn’t cause me any break out so far.

* Is reasonably priced.


What I don’t like about this:

* It does not lather that much.

* Sometimes I get a feeling of Hotness on my cheeks after using it.

* Aroma is not very nice. I know a lot of people won’t mind it at all, but I prefer face-cleansers with fruity fragrances.

* Product is not mentioned on their website under face-cleansers. Although it is mentioned in the products of wine facial kit.

* Have never heard about this brand prior to this. (So, I am not sure that whether I should trust on this or not).


My take on the product: Initially I was very happy with this face-wash, but after using it for few days now I am getting bored from its fragrance pretty fast. Actually I was using Loreal pearl perfect face wash from so many months that I got bored from its creamy base, and decided to buy some gel based product for approaching summers. But, then this face-wash is not that much summery. Although it pretty much do a decent job of a cleanser, but there is nothing very much attractive in it apart from red grapes. 😀


Would I repurchase it: I don’t think so. There are a lot of other face-wash gel and cremes too, which are even more tempting than this one. (And above all, I didn’t see this product in many shops. So may be it would be tough to locate it again too).

Rating: 2.5/5

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