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Shimmer & Shine

Shimmer & Shine

November 12, 2012March 3, 2020

Hi girls, this is a quick post about my recent haul of nail paints and related stuff. These days, I am all about shimmer and shine upon my nails. I am really liking how they make my hands look more glam and bright. So, few days back I just went ahead and bought few more shimmery/glittery nail paints to add to my obsession.

I have found that VOV nail polishes are really cheap and good quality. So, rather than spending my money on Colorbar and Maybelline’s nail paints, I am gonna explore this brand more. Colorbar is still ok but I feel Maybelline ones are really over hyped. In my opinion, VOV nail paints smell really nice, quantity is huge, price is cheap (50 bucks) and color options are great.

And I FINALLY bought a berry colored nail paint. πŸ˜€ Although I was not sure that whether I will be sticking to wearing such kinda maroonish and traditional color in the long run (I mean all my life I have seen aunties wearing such color on all festive occasions). But, then this color is so much IN these days that I really wanted to have one in my stash too. So, I just bought a smaller one by Elle18. I have still not tried it, as I am waiting for my Henna colored hands to return back to normal. Because I am sure that if I wear it now, with mehndi and all, I would have an aversion from this color for all my life as it would leave an imprint of being a traditional color again in my mind. (huh.. me and my dilemmas… *sigh*) πŸ˜‰

Well, I will be coming with their swatches soon. And apart from these nail paints, I bought two nail polish removers too. One acetone free (VOV) and another pure Acetone. I am sure many of you will cringe upon “pure acetone” thing. I mean.. “aren’t they bad for nails?” But, wait guys.. I will write another post upon that and will bust your few myths too. πŸ™‚

Ok everyone, that was all for now. So what color are you going to wear on your nails tomorrow on Diwali? πŸ™‚

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