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Ten tips for One-Minute-Makeover!

December 1, 2019

 Are you in a hurry to reach somewhere? Guests are out in the living room and you look total drab. Your crush is just going to meet you in few minutes, and you look plain ugly, now what to do in such scenarios? Only one answer comes to our minds INSTANT MAKEOVER! How we wish at times like these to have some heavenly miracle and start looking all NEW and PRESENTABLE. 🙂

One minute makeovers are pretty useful for any girl, whether she is school going, a working woman or a house maker. Because, no matter how hard we try; there are certain times when we just don’t feel like wearing any makeup at all. Let alone grooming ourselves to look cute or girly, we don’t even feel like getting up and wearing proper clothes at those times.

So, girls you won’t need to fret any more on this front ever again after reading this post. Because I have got some über-cool, easy to do, and instant makeover ideas for you, which will totally transform your previous shabby look into something more exciting and charming. So, these are the tips which are going to be your next BFFs! 🙂

INSTANT EYE MAKE-UP: Now, you don’t need to apply eye shadow or falsies at this time. (Remember, we are short of time! ;)) All you have to do is, grab an eye pencil or mascara and apply either one of them to freshen up your look. By opting for either one of these options, your eyes are surely gonna look more awake and at the same time it will give proper definition to your facial features too.


WEAR A HAIR-BAND: We are lucky that ‘Retro’ look is IN these days. Because no matter what face shape you have, hair-bands suit all kinda faces. Just pick one which suits you most. Like cute and chubby faces look even better in hair bands which are broad in width. Similarly those who have more structured faces can go for metallic hair-bands which are thin and looks more mature.


ADD COLOR TO YOUR CLOTHING: Another option is adding some bright and contrasting color to your outfit by adding some nice, eye-catching accessory; like you can go for scarves, mufflers, belts, watches, colorful bangles, clutches etc. 


WEAR SOME SEXY AND STYLISH FOOTWEAR: You can also wear some nice and chic shoes to add that oomph factor. High heels have always been associated with long-legged, sexy and seductive kinda look. But, even if the occasion is not demanding flashy high heels, you can always wear something casual like ballerina and wedges etc.


STYLE YOUR HAIRS DIFFERENTLY: Another instant way is to just brush through your hairs and change the way you part your hairs. For instance if you usually part your hairs from middle, try to part it from left or right side of the face. Or else if you usually tie your hairs in a pony, let your hairs down loose.


ADD SOME JEWELS: Wear some unique piece of jewelry to grab all the attention. Go for some edgy looking neck-pieces or big-studded rings on your fingers. But don’t over-do it. Add a single piece at a time and let it be the center of attraction.


TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR CURVES: You can also start feeling confident and more beautiful just by wearing some new sexy and better-fitting inner-wear. They would provide support to your bodily-curves as well as make your old outfit look much nicer on you.


ADD SHINE TO YOUR LIPS: Healthy and shiny lips are always welcome. Wear some natural colored lip-gloss or nourishment-rich lipstick and it will brighten up your whole face instantly.


SPRAY SOME NICE FRAGRANCE UPON YOU: Another way to instantly feel freshen up is spraying some nice and pleasant fragrance upon you. But don’t use cheap and over-powering fragrances. After all your intention is to impress someone, and not to give them a headache. 😉


WEAR SMILE ON YOUR LIPS AND FEEL CONFIDENT: Last but not the least, and in fact the most important is to wear a smile on your lips. Smiling and happy faces always attract others by spreading positive vibes all around. If you would be feeling confident from within, you will look beautiful no matter what you are wearing or how you are looking.

So hope these tips were quite informative and useful for some of you. Leave your comments below to add your inputs too. 🙂

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