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The Power of Silence

December 1, 2019

Do you believe that silence is power? Well to tell you frankly, even I have never been in much agreement with this statement; as I usually believe in speaking my mind out. In fact sometimes I feel that I do have a habit of thinking loudly too. 😉

But few days back I read a story somewhere which definitely impacted a lot upon my above-said ideology. The story goes like this- there was a couple who used to have fights daily on various useless and petty issues. Once the wife was sharing her woes with one of her friends and she told her that how her hubby always finds fault in her behavior, work and almost everything she does.

Her friend listened to her patiently and then she gave her a bottle full of colorful tablets saying that those tablets were magical to keep her husband always in love with her. The friend advised the wife to put one tablet in her mouth whenever her husband starts complaining and shouting at her. Wife went home happily and waited eagerly for her husband to arrive from office.

That day when her hubby started shouting at her because of some another useless issue, she opened the bottle and took one magical pill out of that. She put that in her mouth and waited for the magical medicine to start doing its work. Her husband kept on abusing her for some time. And then he got tired of it as he was not able to invoke her. Finally he went to sleep. Wife was stunned.

This kept on going for few more days. And then one day husband came home and apologized to his wife for his rude behavior in the past. Wife was totally ecstatic to found their long-lost love back in her married life.

Next day she asked her friend to give her the recipe of making those magical tablets. She told her that the medicine was superb and it solved all of her problems. Then her friend told her that those pills were just sugar-pills and did not contain anything magical or medicinal in them.

Wife finally understood that it was the power of her silence which made her husband realize his mistakes. Earlier when he used to shout at her, she used to shout back and put equal oil in the fire by provoking him with her own foul words. But when her husband saw that she is not responding to anything at all, his anger cooled down and he started viewing the things objectively from new perspective. Thus silence won over the anger and arguments.

This story really moved me a lot as earlier I was never able to keep quiet in case if anyone blamed me or criticized me. But now I have realized the power of silence and I am trying to practicise it as much as I can. So far I have seen that silence is indeed a virtue but sadly it has often been underestimated by people of our times.

Ok now I feel that it has all been a way too serious discussion to come out from the mouth (or keyboard in this case) of a youth, who has yet to experience a whole lot of things in her life, and who has yet few years left in being an actual PHILOSOPHER. 😉 So let’s set the matter on a lighter note. Here is something which I am sure you all would love to read:

“Argument wins the situation, but loses the relation.”

So don’t argue with your loved ones. Just…




Kick them and say, I AM ALWAYS CORRECT! 😀

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