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Dove ‘Go Fresh’ Face Wash (Oily skin care)


Hi girls, I was searching for some good face wash from past few days as I got REALLY bored from using Kaya’s face cleanser. I had been using that one from past so many months that I was literally yearning to try something new on my face. Well, I have been a huge fan of ‘Dove’ products, which worked really well on my normal to dry skin as well as in dry temperature of north. But after moving here in the western part of India, I have been facing loads of skin concerns just because of the climate change. My skin which used to be perfectly normal has changed into sensitive/acne prone skin. And I hate the fact that now I have to be extra cautious while choosing any face product. But, yes coming back to main point, last week I picked this Dove face wash from Planet Health and I have been using it from last 6-7 days now. And here is the review based upon my experience with this face wash.

Brand: Dove

Name: Go Fresh ‘Oily Skin Care’

Quantity: 100g

Price: INR 125/-

Best Before: 24 months from packaging.


Packaging: It comes in white colored tube which looks quite neat and fresh. It comes with flip-top so, it becomes quite easy to travel around with this. BTW it comes in 50g pack too, which is more handy and travel friendly.

Fragrance: It has got very mild orangey citric smell which is very pleasant and not at all overpowering.

Texture: Texture is cream based like facial foams and you need a very tiny amount to work with as it lathers a lot (and that just puts me off because in my opinion if a product is lathering a lot, it surely means that it has got loads of chemicals in it.)

What I like about this:

  • Fragrance is very fresh.
  • It contains citrus orange oil and if I am sure about single-one thing about my skin, then that is- my skin loves orange. Back in teenage I used to apply a face pack of orange peel and honey and that used to do wonders for my skin.
  • A very tiny amount is required, so this tube will last for a very long time.
  • It removes all kind of oiliness and stickiness from face. Your face looks really clean after that.
  • Unlike other products for oily skin, this one does not leave your skin feeling stretchy after using it.
  • It is parabens free.
  • Tube packaging is very comfy and hygienic to use.
  • Price is quite competitive.

What I didn’t like about this:

  • The fact that it lathers like a crazy.
  • Oil-free feeling does not remain for long. After one hour or so.. skin again starts feeling oily and grime. And then obviously you have to wash your face again. 🙁
  • It claims about having some skin care essence (which would have been more preferable, had they given any more details/name of that special essence.)

My take on the product: I am using it daily twice to thrice. And I like it for its mildness as well as how it does make my skin look clear and fresh. But then, since the effect is not long lasting, I am doubtful about its actual claims. I mean I have been using this from just one week so can’t say how much true it is to its claims. I have read people swearing by its long term effects and how they have stopped getting any more pimples on their face. But, I can’t verdict on any of those claims. May be I would have to use it for some more time and then would come back here and tell you my opinion. But, so far I am liking this and I am going to stick to it as I am feeling that I need to get a break from Kaya’s cleanser (which is superb by the way). And in my opinion, this ‘go fresh’ cleanser is strictly for oily/sensitive skin, so all dry skinned beauties you better try the blue one from the same range. 🙂

Would I repurchase it: Will update about it after using it for some more time. 🙂

Rating: 4/5 (on the basis of my experience with this so far). 😀

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